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Legal & Social Support

Legal Aid

Legal Aid NSW helps people with their legal problems.

Law Access NSW 1300 888 529. Free legal advice and lawyers.

Refugee Advice & Casework Service  

Refugee Advice and Casework Service is one of Australia’s leading refugee legal centres providing free, specialist legal assistance to people seeking asylum and refugees seeking to reunite with their families.


Family Dispute Resolution Relationship Australia

Family Dispute Resolution is a process by which people who are in conflict can be supported to communicate with each other about what is important for them and how to make decisions relevant to resolving their dispute.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is now compulsory, meaning that people who wish to resolve disputes relevant to their children (parenting matters), are now required to attend Family Dispute Resolution and make a genuine effort to resolve issues, before they progress through the court system.  Situations involving family violence, child abuse or extremely urgent matters are exempt from Family Dispute Resolution.

Family Court of Australia

The Family Court of Australia, through its specialist judges and staff, assists Australians to resolve their most complex legal family disputes. 

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